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What do you want your website to look like?
I can work from pretty much anything, even a simple sketch on a piece of paper. If there's an existing website you like, let me know where it is. If you have existing images or a logo you'd like to use, please send me the files or print them out. Once I have an idea of where we're heading I can suggest templates to choose from.

Do you need hosting for your website, a domain name, or an email account?
All websites require a server and there are many different ones to choose from, including free ones. While I'm working your site, I'll be happy to host it on my own server account. When it's ready to go, I'll help you choose a hosting service and deploy your site there.

A domain name is a good idea for everyone who has a presence on the Internet. It's much simpler and less expensive than you might imagine - unless you want one that already belongs to someone else. I've registered the domain name and no one else can use it. You don't necessarily need a "dot-com" domain name. There are lots of others.

If you have a domain name you can use it as an email address as well as a website address. For example, if you're a business you can have,, and so forth, each of which directs incoming email to a person or a group of people.

Which features would you like for your website?
There are dozens of features available including image galleries, online stores with shopping carts, customer accounts, password protection, blogs, social networking, search engine presence, site traffic analytics, and many more.

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